Gerhard Stäbler: blütenlos

Ach, Lippen! Wie haben sie mich verbrannt! Die Handvoll Wasser Trinke ich nicht, Der Mond ist darin. Monodie for soprano, flute, piano, violin and cello “blütenlos” composed by German composer and professor emeritus Gerhard Stäbler in 2004. Its German premiere took place in the same year in Düsseldorf while its Australian premiere had to wait…


Thoreau, 1850 – Admonitions

………Do a little more of that work which you have sometime confessed to be good… Do what you reprove yourself for not doing. Know that you are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with yourself without reason… [C]ultivate the tree which you have found to bear fruit in your soil. Regard not your past failures nor successes.…