Rediscovering our creative potentials – coming back to the life – Part I

Dear readers, a week ago I have announced to share with you some interesting things regarding creative potentials; experiences, opinions, and societal prejudices towards the cultivation of creative potentials in an individual. To all of you who are reading this text, I would first of all advise that you imagine yourself in a certain creative activity that you have been longing for but had no opportunity (financial, timing reasons, or lack of support in one’s community) in pursuing it or some of you just gave it up due to other priorities in your life or disappointments that occurred while pursuing this activity as a result of a misunderstanding between teacher and pupil or sometimes injustice in competitions as a very frequent problem.
In the previous approx. 10 years I have had numerous opportunities to communicate with talented individuals who were highly disciplined and deeply devoted to their activity as artists/sports athletes. They have discovered most of the existing issues in their performing careers as losses, frustrations, sadness, and early retirement from certain performing art as a result of a destroyed soul. These things happen due to being surrounded by wrong people, lack of support, underestimation of previous accomplishments, exploiting one’s talent, financial misuse, injury, and numerous negative circumstances that lead to the resignation. A certain number of these individuals eventually come back to these activities, but in other modalities – pedagogics, masterclasses, mentoring, coaching, and so on, but could all of this diminish the bitterness that occurred as a result of injustice? Or did this new path uncovered hidden potentials they were not aware of?
On the other side, I also remember people who never came back to these kinds of occupations as they suffered serious PTSD they have completely changed their life paths and attempted in many ways to find their peace of mind through completely different activities. This group of individuals also discovered their hidden potentials that manifested themselves in the crucial moment of abandoning something so close to their hearts. Experience retells the story – “When our soul is ready for changes to accept them, circumstances will take care of themselves to play in our favor.”
Coming back to one’s soul is a long and excruciating path filled with various obstacles that border with one’s insanity. In order to understand oneself one must be ready to accept the negative aspects of awaiting changes that would definitely occur. There is an amazing proverb by Hippocrate: “If one desired to become healthy then one must stop with bad habits that make one ill.” In this proverb, all of the possible wisdom lies and amazing changes start to evolve once a person accepts it as a lives golden principle.
So…what is my lifes purpose after all ?
Create not only for your own well-being but also for others who are thriving to discover new paths in learning something new.
Inspire – discovering how passionate you are about something you work on, give other people a good reason to explore and work more on that you have high interest.
Teach – in any religion or faith to teach somebody is a such merciful and divine act!
Share – informations about workshops, online/live classes, literature. Never be afraid to share- Sharing is caring!
My beautiful, smart and creative accquaintaces, friends, colleagues in the meantime became successful enterprenuers in art management, bussiness coaching, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, design….
Life purpose is definitely fulfilled once you seethat your client is happy and wishes to you all of the existing blessings 🙂
In a few days I will give my best to continue second part of this exciting story. :))
Peace, love and light.
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