#Mali kutak mentalnog zdravlja(1)- Zivljenje zivotne svrhe

Mali kutak mentalnog zdravlja podcast vođen liječnicom specijalizanticom psihijatrije dr.Helenom Mamić. U ovom podcastu govorimo o postavljanju temeljnog pitanja našeg postojanja. Pogledajte kratki video te iskusite naputke koji bi mnogima mogli biti od pomoći. Zdravi bili!

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How to survive the first half-year in Germany working as a doctor?

My dear colleagues, as this is a very vivid topic I am happy to share my own experiences, tips and tricks on how to make it through despite numerous obstacles during these challenging times. As I was mostly working as GP and occasionally as an ER doctor – for a decade, this completely different working…

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Handling PTSD

My dear readers and all of you who will one day join my medical-artistic corner, Last time I gave a hint that I will write about some important-practical things regarding PTSD. Let me give you a short introduction about history and epidemiology of this condition. PTSD has first time been described by soldiers who participated…

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