Approbation in Germany

After a while, I have decided to share my own experience and folmal requirements for Approbation in Germany. As many of you know, I have shared my experience regarding FSP in Berlin and I am so grateful for reading my blog and finding some of the hints helpful. May the next year 2021 bring to all of you a speedy recognition of your foreign medical degrees and that all of you get your favourite specialisations in Germany!

I am a Croatian graduate of medicine, that means a graduate with an EU qualification. I will try to write down a “manual” regarding documantation that has to be provided to LaGeSo in Berlin and the process itself. This post may only be useful for EU graduates, but there are some useful hints form my own experience that could be helpful for non EU graduates.

List of documents:

Application form – avaliable for download on this link: Approbation bei einer Ausbildung in der Europäischen Union (EU) –

Medical certificate provided by doctor in Germany (not from your country!) It can be downloaded on the site listed above. Medical certificate is free of charge if you have an EU health care card.

CV – please list all of the possible details regarding your activities, in case you have learned the language in certain period, also list this period and send them certificates from Volkshochschule or other schools where you have learned German language.

Anmeldung or job offers for medical doctors in Berlin

Certified copy of your passport or identity card

Certified copy of your birth certificate (in some cases they require translated birth certificate )

Amtliches Führungszeugnis not older than 3 months (original document)

Police check certificate from your country not older than 3 months (original document + translation)

Certificate of good standing published by Medical chamber in your country (original document + translation)

Certificates Ausbildungsnachweise nach der Richtlinie 2005/36/EG and Konformitätsbescheinigung published by Medical chamber in your country (original document+ translation)

Certified copy of your diploma from your country with Apostille with translation

B2 Telc German language certificate (or Göethe) (certified copy from Bürgeramt)

Fachsprachprüfung C1 – FSP (scanned document from Berlin Medical chamber)

Medical licence from your country (certified copy from your contry, certified copy from Bürgeramt, translation)

Certificate of completed 1 year internship and licencing exam ( certified copy from your contry, certified copy from Bürgeramt, translation)

Documents can be sent on the address of LaGeSo or one can schedule meeting via their website . FSP is arranged via Medical chamber in Berlin and in order to be considered for scheduling this exam one must get an Eingangsbestätigung from LaGeSo. This document usually arrives in 2-3 weeks to our address of residence. Once this document is recieved, it is possible to apply for the FSP with the filled out form from the Berlin Medical chamber- Waiting time for the exam is approximately 3 months. To get better insight regarding FSP, feel free to read my post from the previous year Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) – Helena Mamich – soprano.

I am very pleased to express my gratitude towards my amazing German language teachers who helped me to learn German language in such a short time and get ready for FSP, my warm reccomendations for WORTFREMD . Also , I am thankful to very helpful certified translator for Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian language, mr.Stjepan Škorić who had translated all of my documents and sent them to LaGeSo. Big thanks to mr. Teddy Kabel adinistrator of FB group Doctors going to Germany who found time and patience in helping me with the right informations and coping with complicated bureacracy.

For any questions or hints, feel free to leave comment or e-mail me via e-mail :

For donations via PayPal visit my intro page Helena Mamich – soprano – Medicus curat, musica sanat.

Thank you for reading and please do not forget to share, like or donate 🙂

Happy, blessed and prosperous New Year 2021!



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