Rediscovering our creative potentials – Coming back to life – Part II

Dear readers of my blog,

First of all, I will apologise for the prolonged waiting for the second part I have promised a while ago. Another quite exhausting period is hopefully coming to its end and here am I, safe and sound to bring you something nice and inspiring. As I have mentioned in the previous part, a fascinating number of people that I met and more fascinating were their life paths experience, it led me to share this piece of light that can envoke creative potential in every human being.
Referring to the wisdom of Dr Shinchi Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki method, I always tell my patients, students, friends: “Where love is deep, much can be accomplished”. If there is a desire and love towards something even if we do not have the best possible circumstances to develop our potentials, just think of wisdom by Dr Suzuki. Any kind of existing health conditions, things that seem impossible to accomplish, life crisis, change of career path,….etc. could be overcome when love towards life is deep and sincere. The same situation is with our creative potential, without love it is impossible to develop them.

Had anyone of you had a bitter experience as a kid while learning to play an instrument? Your teacher told you numerous times that you are not capable of accomplishing a certain repertoire or that your fingers are just too short for playing the piano or just that you are not good enough or…if you could have played that music phrase like your peer from the class…Over and over again, sometimes this kind of treatment lasts for a year, but unfortunately, it tends to last up to a decade. Once the breaking point comes in giving up; after much invested time, sanity, money, one feels that sad relief after cutting off the toxic bond. Many of you may live in the conviction that it was over…but the bitterness that lasted for such a long period has left scars on your soul. This is a cycle that one has to break, to reassure himself/herself that music should never create something toxic as music by itself is such a strong armour against daily conflict situations and frustrations. It is just great for your soul! It is truly a mental cleanser, sometimes more effective than attending sessions with psychotherapists! It can NEVER do any harm! So my dear people who have music in their heart it is never late to come back dusting off your piano and come back to playing your favourite piano pieces 🙂 Also, for all of you who didn’t have a chance to take lessons in childhood or early adulthood as a result of lack of teacher or lack of money, please do not give up! There is always a certain way to provide yourself with an affordable second-hand electric keyboard or other beloved instruments, sometimes people give them away for such a symbolic amount of money as they are urgently moving out from their apartments 🙂 Or there is an option to rent the instrument on a monthly fee basis. Lessons are now thankfully to digitalisation available via youtube (very good lessons for beginners!) or if you have the financial possibility and willingness to work on your skills with a teacher then a prepaid option of lessons with a discount package exists- a decent amount of conservatory students offer lessons, so also check up the local conservatories or music high schools for these possibilities.

Once upon a time you had a burning desire to dance classical ballet or contemporary dance, but your parents could not support you financially in childhood or you were told at an audition that your body type is not suitable for this kind of performing art plus 1001 other insults that come in an audition package. But…Have we noticed that so many not perfect body types are succeeding not only at a national level, but they are pursuing international careers not caring what other “professionals” try to say? There is a wonderful Chinese proverb related to this situation: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can speak, you can sing.” So, where are those old ballet shoes? Somewhere in the attic, collecting dust? It is the final time to start moving your body in the rhythm of music, expressing the beauty of the current moment with your body movement and enjoying the benefit that dancing provides to your body and mind. Luckily, more and more adult dance studios are opening up and I have a piece of great news for you – 50+ ladies are coming for their first ballet/dance lesson in their life. Group lessons are quite affordable and one can learn a lot interacting with other dancers in the group who are on a similar level of their capabilities. Enjoy the increase of free of charge serotonin level 🙂 It truly builds your self-esteem, mental discipline, posture and healthy sleep. What could be better?

I hope that all of you get the certain motivation to start something new or bing to work on your childhood dreams. It is NEVER late!
Waiting for your stories 🙂
May blessings and inspiration follow you 🙂



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