German language courses – great and affordable

Dear colleagues and all of you who lead battle in learning German language,

It may sound as a shameless promotion, but after a series of experiences heard from other people and my own I would like to share some valuable informations about how to get good education but in a more affordable way. Knowing that times are very hard for those people who arrive to Germany and wait for months for their documents to be processed, this waiting period is quite frequently utilised for learning the language or/and having a freelance/part time job to juggle with. One does not want to ditch hard earned money on hyper-promising overpriced courses that nearly any graduate in Germanistics could teach.

My first choice was Volkshochschule in Berlin – Pankow, huge number of lessons, case studies including writing course of Arztbrief – it cost me symbolic, but the improvment was great to that point that I managed to pass my FSP exam from the first attempt. This wonderful course is avaliable on line with great teacher Ms.Marschner. Just scroll the avaliabl courses at VHS Pankow and register yourself 🙂 The adventure of FSP prepatation starts very soon.

What to add? First of all….not even in my cerebellum I had idea of learning German language. Then…the least favorite, I did not feel enough motivated to undertake anything regarding German. But! As the time went by, the chances were getting slimmer and staying in my homeland with gradual resignation from my careers that I am so passionate of, finally led me to this not so easy path. Learn German from the stratch! Am I insane? Hm. Lessons that I attended at Volskhochschule in Mitte were boring, my motivation for learning stagnated though I was relatively fast improving. Till end of B1 German level I tolerated that, but after I searcher for “second opinion” and through reccomendation from a friend of mine, I got information that German language teachers are very good at VHS Pankow. The next logical step was to enroll there for my B2 German course and voila, I got amazing two teachers- Ms.Marschner and Ms.Deimig.

Why again I do this quasi shameless promotion? Because if I did not start to really love German language and accomplish it to this point, I would not have mentioned it, but I could not believe that such fast improvement is very possible! If one works with competent people, only the sky is a barrier!

Die Berliner Volkshochschulen – Kursdetails

Enjoy in learning and good luck with FSP 😉



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