Hospitation for foreign doctors in Germany

Hospitation in Germany for foreign medical doctors could sometimes create misunderstanting not only in terms of organisation of the whole process, but applying for hospitation and having your documentation prepared.

First of all, FSP or Approbation are not needed for applying for hospitation, the only thing that is highly reccomendable for your own sake is to have at least B1 level of German language, though from my own experience I already finished my B2 level and did FSP exam when I attempted application for hospitation. In few steps I will try to answer on the most frequent questions.

How to apply for hospitation?

It is not too complicated. Have your CV updated, letter of motivation referring to Chefarzt/Chefarztin, if you have FSP certificate it is also meaningful to enclose it to your documentation, if not please inform hospital admin that you obtained your Eingangsbestätigung from Landesamt für Gesundheit (this means that one is waiting to be scheduled for FSP exam). Applications can be done directly be e-mail, post or via agency.

What is the duration of hospitation?

One can apply for a hospitation that lasts from one day only till 3 months (the most frequent option). It all depends of your needs, expectations and current life schedule and of course if the hospital is in agreement with your needs. In my case, I have had an on-line interview with Chefrärztin after which I was invited for hospitation. I was asked when could I arrive and how long could I spend in the hospital (at this time I was working). We made a mutual decision that I arrive there in a month time for a one week hospitation as I was able to use remaining holidays from my work.

What should I do before hospitation?

  • arrive at least a day earlier before your hospitation beginns
  • try to revise medical terminology – Thank you once again to wonderful teachers Frau Alexandra Marschner and Frau Dörte Deimig from WORTFREMD for helping me! 🙂

What is provided for hospitants?

  • learning the system of certain hospital (documentation in system Medico/for hospital staff/, discharge letters, ordering medicaments and scheduling diagnoscics procedures for patients in hospital, improving fach-vocabulary)
  • accomodation in a lovely one room apartment with a balcony 3-4 min. walk from the hospital
  • voucher for meals in hospital canteen (I have to mention that most of them were super tasty! 🙂 )
  • lending of the working suit – coat together with your name tag

*All of the stated is provided free of charge for a hospitant!

What are the benefits of hospitation?

From my perspective I can only answer in a positive way. My hospitation lasted for one week only, I have met wonderful colleagues, got an insight of hospital system, made a conclusion that this kind of work would be suitable for me….and guess what? The Chefärztin invitd me for meeting on 3rd day of hospitation (I was already worried that I may have done something inadequate) and imagine what happened? 🙂 I got a job offer straight away! Two and a half months after this short hospitation my working contract started, and yes, I am really enjoying at this wonderful hospital, actually a referent center for Psychiatry and Neurology as a resident doctor in Psychiatry.

Having passion for Psychiatry?

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