Večernjakova Domovnica 2019 – Croatian Oscar

23rd of March in 2019 at Kurstheater in Bad Homburg was the turning point in my life, it came to me unexcpected bringing me light, acknowledgment and meeting new amazing people. It was the day when I was became a laureate of Croatian Oscar – Večernjakova Domovnica chosen by Jury as the most successful musician of Croatian Diaspora.

It was 2 am on 10th of February when I was finishing my assignments and getting slightly overloaded with work, worry, constant questions arising form numerous issues hat were going on. After finishing everything I made resolution to treat myself with 15 minutes of pointless surfing in internet just o relax my brain after the hard work. Reading portal of Croatian Diaspora was something I preferred to follow as it was the one of connections to my homeland, at least to keep myself updated regarding situation in healthcare, art, politics etc….I merely forgot that there were current nominations for Croatian Oscar – Večernjakova Domovnica going on till something quite weird to me happened. I have noticed in the journal that I have been nominated for this prize in the category of the most successful musician of Croatian Diaspora for the year 2019. Being astonished at 2 am in the morning, sleeping of over excitement was not an option. I attempted to discover who has nominated me , but it was not possible. I assumed it was such an accomplishment only to be nominated, but there were two rounds more till the finals that were planned on 23.3.2019 at Kurtheater in Bad Homburg. It happened in such an unbelievable way; media exposition of my two decades hard work and getting very well known in Croatian Diaspora worldwide led me unexpectedly to the finals of Večernjakova Domovnica 2019. Approximately 10 days before the finals I was invited to come to Bad Homburg- it came to me as an amazing surprise! On this big day after stressful travelling fro Berlin to Bad Homburg, arriving barely half an hour before the main ceremony starts I managed to get myself together and to get very fast to the venue. At the reception I was apologizing for being nearly late and felt quite embarrassed, but when I said my name I was just escorted to my seat, just in front of the main stage. Being confused for the reason of sitting near the Mayor of Bad Homburg, Vukovar, Dubrovnik, Minister of Foreign affairs I started to question myself what does this mean? Finally the program started and the announcements of the laureates of Večernjakova Domovnica on various fields (arts, music, acting, journalism, science, entrepreneur…) were invited to join the stage. What could I say for myself when I found myself between those proud laureates? First of all, it seemed to me like I was in some kind  of a movie and that it was happening to other person. But i came here for the finals, right!? No but the Jury made decision to give me this prestigious award and let my hard work be acknowledged and recognized not only internationally but also in Croatia. The prize gave me an enormous motivation to keep on in my work and be n ambassador of unique Croatian culture, especially promoting Croatian composers abroad.  This wonderful evening brought me lot of wonderful human beings, sharing our life stories in our community and inspiring others to be great in their work. Even 1,5 year after receiving this prize, I feel so humbled and grateful. Thank you and may we be blessed, creative and love our homeland!

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