Balancing chiaroscuro, discover the vocal vectors, learn how to lean on the breath, harness the carrying power of squillo, sing with a unified and focused quality top to bottom, strengthen the voice and gain endurance, discover vocal freedom!

Individual lessons avaliable for children and adults with special needs, in a lovely relaxing and friendly enviroment. Helena teaches in English, German and Croatian. If you are interested in taking lessons  send an -mail to helenaopera@gmail.com

Students are guided through (as required):

  • vocal anatomy and function
  • appoggio
  • warming up excercises
  • sight-reading
  • aural training
  • overcoming stage fright
  • developing stage presence
  • connecting with an audience
  • diction

Ms Mamich is available to conduct workshops, masterclasses and Skype sessions for professional singers.

VOCAL COACHING – Ms Mamich offers one-off or short-term coaching (subject to availability) for serious/professional singers who are;

  • preparing for an audition
  • preparing for a competition
  • preparing for exams
  • overcoming a technical issue
  • recording artists seeking in-studio coaching/support 
  • language coaching
  • coaching for choirs and ensembles

Group Seminars & Masterclasses

  • Full day or half day sessions
  • Vocal Anatomy & Physiology
  • Breathing, Support, & Alignment 
  • Performance Practice Masterclass

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